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Wilhelm I of Württemberg (17811864)

Wilhelm I of Württemberg (17811864)

Wilhelm I of Württemberg was King of Württemberg.

In exchange for providing France with a large auxiliary force, Napoleon recognized the Elector as King of Württemberg on 26 December 1805. Friedrich became King Friedrich I when he formally ascended the throne on 1 January 1806 and was crowned as such on the same day at Stuttgart. Soon after, Württemberg seceded from the Holy Roman Empire and joined Napoleon's Confederation of the Rhine. Once again, the assumption of a new title also meant territorial expansion, as the territories of various nearby princes were mediatized and annexed by Württemberg. In 1812 Wilhelm I lead Württembergs forces in war with Russia.

During the War of Liberation in 1813, King of Württemberg changed sides and went over the Allies, where his status as the brother-in-law of the Prince Regent (later George IV) and uncle to Tsar Alexander I helped his standing. After the fall of Napoleon, he attended the Congress of Vienna and was confirmed as King. Wilhelm I died at Schloss Rosenstein, in Stuttgart, Germany.

German Federal Republic, 1981.04.30, Stuttgart. Wilhelm I


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