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Korennoy (Коренной) Leonty Leontievich

Korennoy (Коренной) Leonty Leontievich (1770—1822)

The Soldier of the Russian army, which differed by heroism during Domestic war and in foreign campaigns of Russian army 1813-1814. Service has begun as soldier in the Kronstadt garrison battalion in 1791, in 1808 for differences and diligence in service has been transferred in a battalion of Imperial militia. Under Borodino Korennoy, having headed group the soldier, has reflected some attacks of the opponent, then safely attacked, has put the enemy to flight and has grasped the position left by it. Korennoy has been wounded, but has not left a battlefield. Its heroism has noted by the Distinction of the Military award. In battle near Leipzig (1813) Korennoy in structure of a battalion participated in approach to the strengthened item the enemy (settlement Gossy) and when the battalion has been surrounded by superior forces of the Frenchmen, desperately fighted. Being wounded, he has rescued the commander of a battalion and several wounded officers. Also continued to battle, beat the enemy a bayonet and a butt. Having received 18 fire and bayonet wounds, was taken prisoner. On command of Napoleon doctors have cured the hero, and he could come back in the regiment. Napoleon has published the special order on army in which has put the Russian grenadier as an example to the soldiers. Alexander I gave to him lifelong pension. The name of Korennoy was an example performance of a military duty, a symbol of honour and valour of the soldier.

Russia, 1995, Mikhail Kutuzov, sculpture «Soldiers»

Russia, 2000, Birth Centenary of sculptor Tomsky


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