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Mikhailov () Filipp

Mikhailov () Filipp (?1814)

The Drummer of guards Grenadiers regiment. The participant of all basic battles of Domestic war, foreign campaigns 1813-1814. Has distinguished under Kulm and Leipzig in 1813. In March 1814 at a capture of Paris during one of attacks Mihajlov it has appeared ahead of a column of Prussian Guards huntsmen. He bravely went forward, not ceasing to drum, when the enemy bullet has punched to it a breast. Mihajlov has fallen, but Prussian soldiers had lifted Mihajlov, had planted on two guns and had incurred forward. Hard wounded, he continued to beat in a drum with former force, heart has not stopped yet. Prussian king has ordered to immortalize feat Mihajlov in a picture and to have it in all military units that the feat of the Russian soldier was an example courage and military valour.

Russia, 1995, Mikhail Kutuzov, sculpture Soldiers

Russia, 2000, Birth Centenary of sculptor Tomsky


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