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HMS Victory

Series: Bicentenary of the Battle of Trafalgar

HMS Victory

Gibraltar, 2005, £ 1.60. 13 (1/4). multicoloured

Michel: 1120
Stanley Gibbons: 1118
Yvert et Tellier: 1122

The £1.60 stamp showing HMS Victory with sails set for battle contains actual timber from the ship. Nigel Fordham, the Crown Agents Stamp Bureau consultant, has informed us that he was able to purchase 50kg of Victorys oak timbers after the ship was refitted in Portsmouth Naval Dockyard and, in consultation with the the stamps printers, was able to incorporate the wood into the printing process.

Artists: Abbot Lemuel,  Smitheman Francis

Plots: Battle of Trafalgar,  Nelson Horatio

HMS Victory

Gibraltar, 2005.01.31, Giblaltar. Anchor

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