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The Battle of Hastings

The Battle of Hastings

The Battle of Hastings was the decisive Norman victory in the Norman Conquest of England. The battle took place at Senlac Hill, approximately 6 miles (9.7 km) north-west of Hastings, on which an abbey was subsequently built. The battle took place on 14 October 1066, between the Norman army of Duke William of Normandy from France, and the English... More...

British Indian Ocean Territory, 2010, Battle of Hastings

France, 1966, William the Conqueror, Castle and Landings

Great Britain, 1966, Battle scenes

Great Britain, 1966, Norman ship

Great Britain, 1966, Battle scene

Guernsey, 1987, Hastings Battlefield

Guyana, 1999, Battle of Hastings

Korea Nord, 1984, William I

Togo, 1999, Norman Knight

Tristan da Cunha, 2010, Battle of Hastings

France, 1966.06.04, Bayeux. Ship

France, 1966.06.04, Falaise. Castle


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