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Bart Jean

Bart Jean(1651—1702)

Jean Bart was a French naval commander and privateer. His birth name was most probably Jan Baert.Born in Dunkirk as the son of a simple fisherman, Bart served when young in the Dutch navy under De Ruyter.When war broke out between Louis XIV and the United Provinces in 1672 he entered the French service, as one of the Dunkirk Privateers. He gained... More...

France, 1945, Bart statue in Dunkirk

France, 1958, Jean Bart

France, 1958.06.07, Dunkirk. Jean Bart

France, 2002, Jean Bart

France, 2002, Jean Bart

France, 2002, Jean Bart

France, 2003, Jean Bart statue

France, 2005, Jean Bart statue

France, 2008, Jean Bart statue


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