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King Kong

King Kong

King Kong is the name of a fictional giant ape from the legendary Skull Island, who has appeared in several works since 1933. Most of these bear his name, and include the groundbreaking 1933 film, the film remakes of 1976 and 2005, and numerous sequels. In the original film, the character's name is Kong -- a name given to him by the inhabitants... More...

Guinea, 2010, King Kong, Spiderman

New Zealand, 2005, King Kong

New Zealand, 2005, Jack Black as Carl Denham

New Zealand, 2005, Naomi Watts as Ann Darrow

New Zealand, 2005, Adrien Brody as Jack Driscoll

New Zealand, 2005, Ann and Jack

Sao Tome e Principe, 1995, King Kong

Sierra Leone, 1996, King Kong

France, 2009, Festival of books and comics


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