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Siqueiros José David Alfaro

Siqueiros José David Alfaro (18961974)

José David Alfaro Siqueiros was a social realist painter (muralist), and also a Stalinist, known for large murals in fresco that established the Mexican Mural Renaissance together with work by Diego Rivera, Orozco, and others. His notable projects include his collaborative mural at the Mexican Electricians' Union (1939-1940), From Porfiriato... More...

Mexico, 1967, Portrait of Carranza (by Siqueiros)

Mexico, 1975, Self-Portrait of Siqueiros

Mexico, 1979, Allegory of National Culture

Mexico, 1979, Students reaching for Culture

Mexico, 1981, Martyrs of Cananea

Mexico, 1996, Self-Portrait of Siqueiros

Mexico, 2008, Porfirismo as Revolution

Mexico, 2009, Revolutioners (Siqueiros)

Micronesia, 1998, Peasant Mother (David Siqueiros)


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