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Raleigh Walter
(c. 1552—1618)

Raleigh Walter(c. 1552—1618)

Sir Walter Raleigh or Ralegh, was a famed English writer, poet, courtier and explorer. Born to a protestant family in Devon, little is known for certain of his early life, though he spent some time in Ireland, in Killuagh castle, Clonmellon county Westmeath, taking part in the suppression of rebellions and becoming a landlord there. He rose... More...

Gibraltar, 1988, Sir Walter Raleigh

Great Britain, 1973, Sir Walter Raleigh

Guyana, 1934, Sir Walter Raleigh and his son

Jersey, 1976, Sir Water Raleigh and Map of Virginia

Jersey, 1980, Sir Water Raleigh

Jersey, 1992, Sir Water Raleigh and Columbus

Nicaragua, 1973, Walter Ralegh

St. Helena Island, 2005, Walter Raleigh, «The Ark Royal»

Virgin Islands, 1974, Walter Releigh


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