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Treasures of pirates

Treasures of pirates

A buried treasure is an important part of the popular beliefs surrounding pirates. According to popular conception, pirates often buried their stolen fortunes in remote places, intending to return for them later (often with the use of treasure maps). However, in reality, the only pirate known to have done this was William Kidd, who is believed to... More...

Grenada, 1995, Mickey with treasure chest

Grenada, 1995, Minnie with treasure chest

Guinea Bissau, 2009, Blackbeard

Guyana, 1993, Pirate Gold

Mauritius, 1972, Treasure chest

Seychelles, 1969, Pirates and treasures

St. Kitts-Nevis, 1970/1976, Pirates and treasures at Frigate Bay

St. Vincent, 1991, Adventures tales around camp fire

Tanzania, 1991, Letter X

Turks & Caicos, 1971, Pirate treasures


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