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Dick Tracy

Dick Tracy

Dick Tracy is a 1990 film adaptation of the comic strip of the same name created by Chester Gould. Warren Beatty directed, produced and starred. The supporting cast included Al Pacino, Madonna, Glenne Headly, Charlie Korsmo, Dick Van Dyke and Dustin Hoffman.

The story centers around detective Dick Tracy's battle with mobster Alphonse "Big Boy" Caprice (Pacino) and with Tracy's tangled love life with Breathless Mahoney (Madonna) and Tess Trueheart (Headly). In a subplot, Tracy encounters a street orphan known only as "The Kid" (Korsmo), to whom he becomes a father figure.

Development of the film started in the early 1980s with Tom Mankiewicz assigned to write the script. The project also went through directors Steven Spielberg, John Landis, Walter Hill and Richard Benjamin before the arrival of Beatty. Filming was entirely at Universal Studios, whereas Max Allan Collins was involved in heavy controversies with Disney concerning the novelization of the film, and the screenplay. Danny Elfman was hired to compose the film score, and the music in general spawned four separate soundtracks.

Dick Tracy was finally released in 1990. It received mixed reviews, but was generally a success at the box office and at awards time. It picked up seven Academy Award nominations and won in three of the categories. A sequel was planned, but a controversy over the film rights ensued between Beatty and Tribune Media Services, so a second film has not been produced.

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