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The Wonderful Country

The Wonderful Country

The Wonderful Country is a 1959 Technicolor Western film based on Tom Lea's novel of the same name that was produced by Robert Mitchum's DRM Production company in Mexico. Tom Lea has a cameo as a barber.

Mercenary Martin Brady is employed by the Castro brothers, Marcos (Victor Manuel Mendoza), a General and Cipriano (Pedro Armendáriz) a Governor. On a business trip to the United States to arrange the sale of a wagonload of rifles and ammunition he is delayed when he breaks his leg in an accident.

Treated by Dr Stovall (Charles McGraw) he stays with two German Americans, Ben (John Banner) and Ludwig (Max Slaten) to recover. Brady's expertise is sought by the commanders of the local U.S. Army, Major Colton (Gary Merrill) and Texas Rangers Captain Rucker (Albert Dekker) who are planning a mission against hostile Apaches in Mexico. Captain Rucker knows that Brady revenged himself on the murderer of his father but no charges are standing. However his falling in love with Colton's wife Helen (Julie London), and also his shooting a man who drew on him (Chuck Roberson) sends him back to Mexico. Brady finds himself between the ambitious Castro brothers and assisting the U.S. Army's Buffalo Soldiers led by a wounded Major Colton and his sergeant Satchel Paige.

Guinea Bissau, 2011, Robert Mitchum, The Wonderful Country

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