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Cousin Reginald plays Pirate

Series: 25th Death Anniv of Norman Rockwell

Cousin Reginald plays Pirate

Sierra Leone, 2004, 5000 Le. 13 (1/4). multicoloured

Michel: 4510, block 588
Scott: SS 5673
Stanley Gibbons: MS4179
Yvert et Tellier: block 570

Cousin Reginald Plays Pirates, this Norman Rockwell painting, appeared on the cover of The Country Gentleman published November 3, 1917.

With this painting, Norman Rockwell delivers another gripping episode in the Cousin Reginald series of Country Gentleman covers.

Cousin Reginald appears to be in dire straits in this picture. He is bound both around his arms and around his wrists. Chuck Peterkin holds the end of the rope and has a mean look on his face.

Standing over Reginald, pointing and glaring, is cousin Rusty Doolittle. How do we know that? Well, over his pirate's bandanna tied on his head, he is wearing the same old straw hat that he wears in other paintings. His pirate outfit is completed by a ragged red cape and a wooden sword.

The only sign that this is just a game to the more serious-looking boys is cousin Tubby Doolittle sitting behind Rusty. He is draped in a black Jolly Roger. On his head he wears a helmet made from a pot with the words "Captain Kidd" written on it in chalk. He is also smirking.

In the background, Rockwell has painted a flagpole with the Jolly Roger flying from it. Tied to the flagpole is the other character in the Cousin Reginald paintings, Patsy the dog.

Artists: Rockwell Norman

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