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Cupid Undoing Venus's Belt

Series: International stamp exibition LONDON 1990

Cupid Undoing Venus's Belt

Vietnam, 1990, 500 D. 13. multicoloured

Michel: 2147
Scott: 2077
Stanley Gibbons: 1425
Yvert et Tellier: 1074

Cupid Undoing Venus's Belt (Sir Joshua Reynolds, 1788, St. Petersburg, Hermitage Museum).

This is an autograph version of Reynolds's famous picture of 1784, painted for Lord Carysfort (now Tate Gallery, London). Carysfort, who visited Russia on a number of occasions, asked the artist to make the copy as a gift for Prince Grigory Potemkin. In this work of charming but sensuous intimacy - Reynolds originally suggested it should be called Half Consenting - the goddess of beauty and love, Venus, is a coquettish young woman, hiding her face from immodest glances with her arm. Mischievous Cupid is pulling at the end of the blue silk ribbon which encircles her waist, looking attentively up at his mother to watch her reaction. It is possible that the model for the original painting was Emma, Lady Hamilton, famous as the mistress of Lord Nelson.

Artists: Reynolds Joshua

Plots: Hamilton Emma

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