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Attack of Dutch Fleet

Series: 400th Anniv of Defence of Las Palmas

Attack of Dutch Fleet

Spain, 1999, 70 Pta. 13 (3/4) x 14. multicoloured

Edifil: 3649
Michel: 3482
Scott: 3000
Stanley Gibbons: 3582
Yvert et Tellier: 3216

The Canaries' wealth invited frequent attacks by pirates and privateers. The most significant attack took place in 1599, when the Dutch Van der Does attacked the capital Real de Las Palmas with 74 ships, 12,000 men (the city had 3,500 of the island of Gran Canaria's 8,545 inhabitants) and 150 landing craft. They attacked the Castillo de la Luz, which gave itself up when the city was evacuated. The Canary cavalry pushed the invaders back to the zone of Tamaraceite, and the Dutch then besieged the city, demanding the delivery of all its wealth. They received 12 sheep and 3 calves. Furious, the pirate sent 4,000 soldiers to the meeting of the Canaries, which had sheltered in Santa Brígida. 300 Canary soldiers ambushed the Dutch in Monte Lentiscal forcing them into retreat and killing 150 of them. The Dutch returned to Las Palmas, attempting to burn it down. The Dutch pirates continued to attack and pillage Maspalomas, San Sebastian of La Gomera and Santa Cruz de La Palma.

Plots: Piracy

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