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The Kingdom of Galicia-Volhynia

The Kingdom of Galicia-Volhynia

The Kingdom of Galicia-Volhynia, or Galicia-Vladimir, was a principality in post-Kievan Rus in the late 12th century and existed until the middle of the 14th century. It is also called Galicia-Volynia, Halych-Volhynia, Galicia-Volyn, and Galich-Volyn'. It extended between the rivers San and Wieprz in what is now south-eastern Poland in the west,... More...

Austria, 2006, View of Ferdinand's place

Ukraine, 1999, Heraldic Lion and Knight

Ukraine, 2006, Lvow (1586)

Ukraine, 2006, View of Ferdinand's place

Ukraine, 1999.09.19, Volodimir-Volinsky. Arms Galicia-Volhynia State

Ukraine, 2003.08.25, Rovno. 720th Anniv of Rovno

Ukraine, 2006.12.01, Lvov. Geraldic Keys

Ukraine, 2008.08.31, Rovno. 725th Anniv of Rovno

Ukraine, 2008.09.28, Snyatin. 850th Anniv of Snyatin

Ukraine, 1997, 600th Anniv of Buchach

Ukraine, 1999, 800th Anniv of Galicia-Volhynia State

Ukraine, 2007, 750th Anniv of Novograd-Volinsky


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