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Vladimir Svyatoslavich (Владимир Святославович)
(c. 958–1015)

Vladimir Svyatoslavich (Владимир Святославович)(c. 958–1015)

Saint Vladimir Svyatoslavich the Great was the grand prince of Kiev who converted to Christianity in 988, and proceeded to baptise the whole Kievan Rus. Vladimir was the youngest son of Sviatoslav I of Kiev by his housekeeper Malusha, described in the Norse sagas as a prophetess who lived to the age of 100 and was brought from her cave to the... More...

Estonia, 2003, Warships and coins

Russia, 2013, Baptize of Rus

Ukraine, 1919, Vladimir Monument in Kiev

Ukraine, 1998, Coins of Vladimir Svyatoslavich

Ukraine, 2000, Vladimir the Great

Ukraine, 2003, Warships and coins

Ukraine, 2013, Baptize of Rus

Vatican, 1988, Prince Vladimir the Great

Ukraine, 2000.12.15, Kiev. Vladimir the Great

Ukraine, 2008.07.26, Kiev. 1020th Anniv of baptizing of Russia

Russia, 2008, Pskov. Monument to Saint princess Olga

Ukraine, 2008, 1020th Anniv of baptizing of Russia

Russia, 2009, Monument to St. Vladimir in Belgorod


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