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(ca. 1275 – winter 1341)

Gediminas(ca. 1275 – winter 1341)

Gediminas was the monarch of medieval Grand Duchy of Lithuania with the title didysis kunigaikštis, which would be literally translated as Grand Duke, but more correctly High King according to the contemporary perception. The later construct for its translation is Grand Duke (for its etymology, see Grand Prince). He was the ruler of the Grand... More...

Lithuania, 1920, Gediminas

Lithuania, 1920, Gediminas

Lithuania, 1932, Gediminas in Council

Lithuania, 1932, Founding of Vilnius

Lithuania, 1932, Russians surrendering to Gediminas

Lithuania, 1940, Gediminas

Lithuania, 1940, Gediminas

Lithuania, 1991, Trakai castle

Lithuania, 1991, Gediminas

Lithuania, 1991, Vilnius in XIV century

Lithuania, 1997, The letter of Gediminas (1323)

Lithuania, 1991.09.28, Trakai. Trakai castle

Lithuania, 1991.09.28, Vilnius. Gediminas


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