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Rehbinder Robert Henrik

Rehbinder Robert Henrik (1777—1841)

Count Robert Henrik Rehbinder was the Secretary of State for the Grand Duchy of Finland between 1811 and 1841. He was one of the highest officials in the Grand Duchy and he played a significant part in creating the autonomous role of Finland at the Diet of Porvoo.

Born in Paimio, Rehbinder was given the title count in 1826, and in 1834 he was given the title Privy Counsellor. He was also awarded with the second highest Russian honor and given a honorary doctorship in philosophy at the University of Helsinki in 1840, at the 200 year jubilee of the University (originally Royal Academy of Turku). He also owned the Viksberg castle in Paimio. He died in Saint Petersburg.

Finland, 1936, Robert Henrik Rehbinder


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