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Nechayev (Нечаев) Stepan Dmitriyevich

Nechayev (Нечаев) Stepan Dmitriyevich (1792—1860)

Stepan Nechayev was a Procurator of the Most Holy Synod, senator and a poet. Nechayev was the first one to study the materials about the Kulikovo Field. He picked up some findings on the place of the Battle of Kulikovo and created a private museum in the Palace Polibino, using those findings. He was the first historian, who carried out the location researches and tried to connect the description of the Battle of Kulikovo with the real landscape. There are records about some other collections of the archeological findings from the Kulikovo Field, part of which was in his possession.

Russia, 2011.06.10, Moscow. Stepan Nechaev

Russia, 2011, Stepan Nechaev, monument on Kulikovo field


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