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Litke () Fyodor Petrovich

Litke () Fyodor Petrovich (17971882)

Count Fyodor Petrovich Litke was a Russian navigator, geographer, and Arctic explorer. He became a count in 1866, and an admiral in 1855. He was a Corresponding Member (1829), Honorable Member (1855), and President (1864) of the Russian Academy of Science in St.Petersburg. He was also an Honorable Member of many other Russian and foreign... More...

Micronesia, 1984, Fyodor Litke

Micronesia, 1984, Fyodor Litke

Micronesia, 1986, Litke's Ship Senyavin

Micronesia, 1988, Litke's Ship Senyavin

Russia, 1994, Fyodor Litke

St. Helena Island, 1986, Fyodor Litke

USSR, 1947, Fyodor Litke

USSR, 1947, Fyodor Litke

Russia, 1997.09.28, Arkhangelsk. Birth Bicentenary of Litke

USSR, 1972.09.28, Leningrad. 175th Birth anniv of Litke

Russia, 1997, Fyodor Litke

USSR, 1972, Fyodor Litke


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