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Seacole Mary

Seacole Mary (1805—1881)

British nurse. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, she helped tend invalid British soldiers when she was only 12 years old. At 18 she visited her relatives in Scotland and discovered a taste for adventure. In 1836 she married Nelson's godson Edwin Horatio Seacole, but was soon widowed. Her interest in nursing started early and she went to Latin America to... More...

Great Britain, 2006, Mary Seacole

Jamaica, 1991, Bust of Mary Seacole

Jamaica, 1991, Mary Seacole house

Jamaica, 2005, Seacole and Herbal Remedies and Medicines

Jamaica, 2005, Seacole and Seacole Hall

Jamaica, 2005, Seacole and Cremean War soldiers

Jamaica, 2005, Seacole and her medals


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