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The Battle of Balaclava

The Battle of Balaclava

The Battle of Balaclava, fought on 25 October 1854, was a key battle during the Crimean War, fought between the allied forces of the United Kingdom, French Empire and the Ottoman Empire on one side and Russia on the other. It was the first of two attempts by the Russians to break the Siege of Sevastopol. The hilly battlefield consisted of two... More...

Great Britain, 2006, Crimean war

Great Britain, 2007, British Army uniforms

Guernsey, 2006, Charge of Lighte Brigade

Kiribati, 2006, John Berryman refusing to leave Capt. Webb

Kiribati, 2006, Grieve saving officer

Solomon Islands, 2006, Russian Guns

St. Helena Island, 2006, Charge of the Light Brigade

Great Britain, 2004.10.12, Postal Service of British forces. Battle of Balaklava


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