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The Grafskaja Quay

The Grafskaja Quay

The Grafskaja Quay (a wharf or reinforced bank where ships are loaded and unloaded) is in the center of the city, on the southern part of the Sevastopol Bay. In June 1783, it was created from masonry stones under the license of D. Seniavin. In 1787 with the arrival Ekaterina II, the quay was equipped with modern amenities and was officially name... More...

USSR, 1964, The Grafskaja Quay

USSR, 1976, The Grafskaja Quay

USSR, 1989, The Grafskaja Quay

USSR, 1974.12.17, The Grafskaja Quay

USSR, 1976.08.04, Grafskaya Quay

USSR, 1977.03.16, Grafskaya Quay

USSR, 1978.03.17, Grafskaya Quay

USSR, 1979.04.12, Grafskaya Quay

USSR, 1979.12.28, Grafskaya Quay

USSR, 1981.12.03, Grafskaya Quay

USSR, 1988.01.18, Grafskaya Quay

USSR, 1988.01.18, Monuments of The Siege of Sevastopol


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