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Schliemann Heinrich

Schliemann Heinrich (1822—1890)

Heinrich Schliemann was a German treasure hunter, an advocate of the historical reality of places mentioned in the works of Homer, and an important excavator of Troy and of the Mycenaean sites Mycenae and Tiryns. Schliemann was born in Neubukow in 1822. His father was a poor Protestant minister named Ernst Schliemann. Heinrich's mother, Luise... More...

DDR, 1972, Heinrich Schliemann

DDR, 1990, Heinrich Schliemann and Vessel

DDR, 1990, Heinrich Schliemann and pot

German Federal Republic, 1990, Heinrich Schliemann

Greece, 1976, Heinrich Schliemann

Greece, 1976, Gold braslet

Greece, 1976, Silver and gold broch

Greece, 1976, Gold diadem

Greece, 1976, Gold mask

Greece, 1990, Heinrich Schliemann and Lion Gate

DDR, 1980.12.20, Waren. Heinrich Schliemann

DDR, 1990.10.02, Berlin. Schliemann's Museums in Ankershagen

German Federal Republic, 1990.10.11, Bonn. Heinrich Schliemann

Greece, 1976.12.08, Athens. Heinrich Schliemann

Greece, 1990.10.11, Athens. Heinrich Schliemann

DDR, 1980, Heinrich Schliemann


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