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1380. The Battle of Kulikovo

1380. The Battle of Kulikovo

The Battle of Kulikovo was fought by the Tartaro-Mongols and the Russians. The battle took place on September 8, 1380 at the Kulikovo Field near the Don River (now Tula Oblast) and resulted in a Russian victory. Moscow, along with many other Russian lands, was conquered by the armies of Batu Khan, grandson of Genghis Khan in the 13th century,... More...

Ukraine, 2005, Voevoda Bobrok Volynets. Kulikovo Field

Russia, 2010.09.18, Kurkino. 630th Anniv of Kulikovskaya Battle

Russia, 2009, Church of birth of Virgin Mary in Old Simonov

Russia, 2010, 630th Anniv of Kulikovskaya Battle

Russia, 2011, Stepan Nechaev, monument on Kulikovo field


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