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Yaroslav I the Wise (ярослав ћудрый)
(c. 978Ч1054)

Yaroslav I the Wise (ярослав ћудрый)(c. 978Ч1054)

Yaroslav I the Wise was thrice Grand Prince of Novgorod and Kiev, uniting the two principalities for a time under his rule. During his lengthy reign, Kievan Rus' reached a zenith of its cultural flowering and military power. Early years of Yaroslav's life are enshrouded in mystery. He was one of the numerous sons of Vladimir the Great, presumably... More...

Russia, 2010, Monument of Yaroslav the Wize

Togo, 1999, Yaroslav becomes Grand Prince of Kiev

Ukraine, 1997, Order and badge of Yaroslav

Ukraine, 1999, Yaroslav the Wise

Russia, 2009, Novgorod. Yaroslav's Court

Russia, 2009, Yaroslav the Wise (Nikolay Rerich)

Russia, 2010, Monument of Yaroslav the Wize


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