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Dembinski Genrik

Dembinski Genrik(1791—1864)

Polish soldier. He was born near Cracow. He entered the Polish army in 1809, and fought under Napoleon against the Russians and at Leipzig (1813). In the Polish revolution of 1830, he was commander-in-chief. He was in the service of Mehemet, in 1833. In the 1848 Hungarian insurrection, Kossuth appointed him commander-in-chief. He was hampered by the jealousy of Gorgei and after the defeat of Kapolna, he resigned. On Kossuth's resignaytion, he fled to Turkey, but in 1850 he returned to Paris, France. He wrote his Memoirs in 1833, and four other works.

Poland, 1948, Genrik Dembinski and Josef Bem


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