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Fort Ross

Series: Bicentenary of Fort Ross

Fort Ross

Russia, 2012, 13 rub. 12 x 12 (1/4). multicoloured

ITC «Marka»: 1633
Michel: 1865
Stanley Gibbons: 7887

Fort Ross is a historic park in California (USA), which includes former Russian settlement and wooden fortress. It was the idea of chief manager for the influential Russian-American Company A.A. Baranov to found it. The new settlement was to be the main food base for the Russian settlements in Alaska. Stockade, corner towers, warehouses and timber houses were built there. Later the first windmills in California and the shipyard, as well as brick and tannery, blacksmith, stables, carpentry, plumbing and shoemakers, a dairy farm were built. Nearby the fort settlers established kitchen gardens, orchards and vineyards. In the 1820-s, Trinity Church was opened.

The stamp depicts a panorama of Fort Ross of the first half of the XIX century.

Plots: 1801/1825. Reign of Aleksander I

Fort Ross

Russia, 2012.09.11, Moscow. Fort Ross

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