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Rurik and russians

Series: The 1150th anniversary of Russian statehood

Rurik and russians

Russia, 2012, 10 rub. 12 x 11 (1/4). multicoloured

ITC Marka: 1635
Michel: 1867
Stanley Gibbons: 7889

The second half of the 9th century saw the beginning of the Northern and Southern Russia unification process, which culminated in the emergence of the Old Russian state. According to an oral tale titled The Legend of the Summoning of the Varangians from the Tale of Bygone Years we can start the count of the Russian state with year of 862, when the legendary Varangian Rurik was summoned to the ancient Novgorod for ensuring the cessation of civil strife. His brothers an the Varangian militia came along with him.

Plots: Kievan Rus′,  Rurik

Russia, 2012.09.19, Moscow. Bell

Russia, 2012.09.19, Sankt-Petersburg. bell

Russia, 2012.09.19, Vologda. Bell

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