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Monument to Millennium of Russia

Monument to Millennium of Russia

USSR, 1987, 5 kop.

ITC «Marka»: 125

The Millennium of Russia is a bronze monument in the Novgorod Kremlin. It was erected in 1862 to celebrate the millennium of Rurik's arrival to Novgorod, an event traditionally taken as a starting point of the history of Russian statehood. 15-metre-high bell crowned by a cross symbolizing the tsar's power. The bell was to be encircled with several tiers of sculptures representing Russian monarchs, clerics, generals, and artists active during various periods of Russian history.

Artists: Mikeshin Mikhail,  Shreder Ivan

Plots: Kievan Rus′,  Mikhail Feodorovich,  Minin Kuzma,  Pozharsky Dmitry,  Rurik

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