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The Battle of Racławice

Series: Panorama Racławice

The Battle of Racławice

Poland, 1985, 27 Zl. 11 x 10 (3/4). multicoloured

Michel: 2967
Scott: 2680
Stanley Gibbons: 2982
Yvert et Tellier: 2779

The Battle of Racławice (detail of the panoramic painting by Jan Styka, Wojciech Kossak and others).

The Racławice Panorama was created in Lwów (today Lviv in Ukraine) in 1894 with an intention of giving a patriotic touch to the general national exhibition organised to commemorate the centenary of the Kościuszko Uprising. In the times of enslavement, the reminder of the then already legendary victorious battle of Racławice, at which for the first time all social classes of the nation united to fight "for freedom, totality and independence" of their mother country, was to inspire the Poles with hope for national revival. The idea of the first Polish panorama came from Jan Styka (1858-1925), who was also the organizer of the entire endeavour. The proposal to collaborate on the panorama was next accepted by the well-known battle painter Wojciech Kossak (1857-1942). The painting can be seen in Wrocław.

The Battle of Racławice was one of the first battles of the Polish Kościuszko Uprising against Russia. It was fought on April 4, 1794 near the village of Racławice in Lesser Poland.

Artists: Kossak Wojciech

Plots: 1794. The Kościuszko Uprising

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