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Kügelgen Gerhard von

Kügelgen Gerhard von (1772—1820)

German painter. Born at Bacharach. In 1805 he went to Dresden, where he lived in the house which is now the Museum der Frühromantik. In 1814 he became a professor at the Academy. His works were inspired by religion and mythology. His twin brother Carl was also a painter.

DDR, 1955, Friedrich von Schiller

Dominica, 2005, Stamps about Schiller

Germany, 1934, Friedrich von Schiller

Germany, 1934, Friedrich von Schiller

Ghana, 2006, Friedrich von Schiller and Johannes Brams

Micronesia, 2005, Portraits of Schiller

Palau, 2005, Portraits of Schiller

USSR, 1955, Friedrich von Schiller


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