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Falconet Étienne Maurice

Falconet Étienne Maurice(17161791)

Étienne Maurice Falconet, is counted among the first rank of French Rococo sculptors, whose patron was Mme de Pompadour. Falconet was born to a poor family in Paris. He was at first apprenticed to a carpenter, but some of his clay figures, with the making of which he occupied his leisure hours, attracted the notice of the sculptor... More...

Guinea, 2009, Nikolay Gogol

USSR, 1953, Lomonosov's museum in Leningrad

USSR, 1953, Lomonosov's museum in Leningrad

USSR, 1956/1957, Aleksander Pushkin, Bronze Horseman

Russia, 2003.03.31, Lomonosov's Museum in Sankt-Petersburg


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