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Deveria Achille

Deveria Achille (1800—1857)

Illustrator and lithographer, noted for his work on Romantic novels. Achille Deveria was a curator and portrait and genre scene lithographer. He was appointed the director of the department of engravings at the Bibilotheque Nationale in 1849. Deveria taught drawing and lithography to his son, Theodule and also collaborated on a family portrait album together until his death in 1857.

Comoren Islands, 1985, Victor Hugo and Pantheon

Gambia, 2005, Schiller's medallion

Grenada, 2005, William Tell

Guyana, 2005, Schiller, Beethoven and «Ode to Joy»

Nevis, 2005, Portraits of Schiller

Sierra Leone, 2005, Monuments of Schiller

St. Vincent, 2005, Portraits of Schiller

Togo, 2006, House of Schiller


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