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Gay Nikolay Nikolayevich

Gay Nikolay Nikolayevich (1831—1894)

Nikolay Nikolayevich Gay, a Russian artist, was born into a noble family of French origin: his great-grandfather emigrated from France at the end of the 18th century during the Great French Revolution. The parents of Gay died when he was still a child. He was brought up by his serf nurse, who taught him, as he later said, compassion for the... More...

USSR, 1945, Aleksander Herzen

USSR, 1945, Aleksander Herzen

USSR, 1953, Lev Tolstoy

USSR, 1957, Herzen and Ogarev

USSR, 1962, Aleksander Herzen

USSR, 1930, Lev Tolstoy

USSR, 1990.12.13, Belinsky's museum in Belinsky


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