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Lampi Johann Baptist the Elder

Lampi Johann Baptist the Elder(1751—1830)

Johann Baptist Lampi the Elder was born in 1751 in Romeno (South Tyrol) and studied in Salzburg. He traveled much, lived in Verona, Innsbruck, and Vienna. Johann Baptist Lampi the Elder worked at different royal courts of Europe, was a Member of the Veronese Academy of Arts. Since 1786, he was a professor of the Vienna Academy. In 1787-88, he stayed in Poland and worked at the court of Stanislas Augustus Poniatowsky. In 1791, on the invitation of the Prince Grigory Potemkin the artist came to Russia. There he worked until 1798, he was elected an academician of the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, then returned to Vienna, where he died in 1830. He painted portraits, frescoes and altarpieces. Both of his sons, Johann Baptist Lampi the Younger and F.-K. Lampi, became painters.

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