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Ricci Sebastiano

Coming from a family of artists, Sebastiano Ricci began his formal artistic training in Venice. He then traveled extensively, working in Vienna, London, and Paris at times. His dramatic work created in the style Paolo Veronese was popular among royalty and religious patrons throughout Europe. As Sebastianos artistic reputation grew, so did the knowledge of his numerous crimes, imprisonments and love affairs. After impregnating Maddalena van der Meer in Venice, Ricci attempted to poison her. However, his plot was uncovered and he was put in jail only to be freed with the assistance of a nobleman. He then fled to Bologna where he was forced to marry by a papal official. Cardinal Antonio Pignatelli, later Pope Innocent XII, provided Ricci with most of his commissions while he was in Bologna.

Rumania, 1968, Angelica and Medor (S. Ricci)


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