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Znoba () Valentin Ivanovich

Znoba () Valentin Ivanovich(19292006)

Valentin Znoba was born in the little village of Sophievka, Dnepropetrovsk Region of Ukraine. He studied at Ukraine Institute of Fine Arts from 1947 to 1953. Valentin Znoba was a major post-war sculptor from the former Ukrainian S.S.R. His deep love of the art came from his renowned sculptor father. Valentin was a member of the Ukrainian Parliament from 1982 to 1986. Member of Peter The Great Academy for Arts and Science. Valentin Znoba was President of the Ukrainian Artists Union and was an official Art Ambassador of the Ukraine and Peoples Artist of Ukraine. He also won the Shevehenko State Prize of Ukraine.

Valentin Znoba has participated in many International Exhibitions in France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom and throughout the world. Some of Valentin Znobas works include:

1955 - Colzar Veresay wood Portrait of famous Ukrainian Folk Musician. Part of the permanent collection located in Belarus.

1957 - The Raftsman wood Received the International Gold Medal at World Exposition held in Brussels. Part of the permanent collection of Kiev Museum.

1966 - Monument to Nicolas Ostrovsky granite, Famous Soviet Writer, Kiev, Ukraine.

1968 - Monument to Soviet Prisoners of War in Darnytsia Concentration Camp.

1974 - Monument to Ustim Karmelyuk granite/bronze. 19th Century Hero Chmeinitzky, Ukraine.

1974 - Monument to the Crew of Tarashchanets Armourned Train bronze.

1977 - Boukrinsky Platzd Armes War and Peace memorial dedicated to the 200,000 Ukrainians who lost their lives on the spot overlooking the Dnipro River during WWII. The monument is placed on the highest hill overlooking the Dnipro River. It is the site of a 11th Century Fortress where many battles were fought in defence of the Christian West. Dostoevsky once said It loves blood, this soil of Rus.

1977 - Statue of Lenin granite and bronze dismantled in 1991.

1978 - Monument to the Missing bronze Poklonna Mountain. Russia.

1985 - Portrait of M. Yakutovilch bronze.

1985 - Set of four monuments in front of the House of Ukrainian Parliament Bronze Kiev, Ukraine.

1990 - Portrait of I. Mechnikov bronze/marble Nobel Prize Winner. Part of the permanent collection of Institute Pasteur Paris, France.

1991 - Ukraine Awakes- wood A carving depicting the strength of wood and the Ukrainian people, after the 1991 emergence of Ukraine as an independent nation, broken free from the former U.S.S.R. Yet, the sculpture has the vulnerability of a new born child.

1995 - Portrait of President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hilary Clinton Presented to the Clintons on their visit to Moscow.

1995 - August Exhibition at Napier Morningside Church, during International Edinburgh Arts Festival.

1996 - Freedom bronze William Wallace astride a rearing horse. In permanent collection of Abertay University, Dundee, Scotland.

1997 - John Muir - Bronze - Sited outside the historic Town House, Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland, John Muirs birthplace. David James Wilpault Simpson was the life model for the young John Muir. David was the perfect model for this sculpture for many reasons. David was born in the United States, the State of Illinois, not too far from where the Muir family settled in Wisconsin in 1849. When David posed for Valentin Znoba, he was approximately the same age as John Muir when he left Scotland. David also shares John Muirs love of nature and vision for the future of our planet. Sculpture unveiled October 1997.

1997 - Janice del la Mar Reclining Nude. Marble/resin. Sculpture is located on top of a fountain clad in 100 year old Cathness Stone. Elvingston House, by Gladsmuir, East Lothian, Scotland.

1997 - John Napier of Merchiston bronze. Monument of the famous scholar. Located at Craig House, Napier University, Edinburgh, Scotland. Unveiled by H.R.H. Princess Anne and the Napier Court of Governors on June 9, 1997. This sculpture was created in the Elvingston Tractor Shed.

1997 - Missing Soldiers bronze War Memorial Moscow, Russia.

1998 - Soldier of Victory bronze Peace memorial unveiled by Boris Yeltsin at Poklonnaya Park, Moscow, Russia.

2000 - Prometheus wood Kiev, Ukraine.

2004 - Filiki Eterica marble Founder of the Greek Independence Society.

2005 - Monument Xaroslav Mudry, Daughter of Prince Kyiv, President Yuschenko Opened at Scientlice (Paris suburb) France.

2006 - Museum Znoba/Golembiesvsky, Kyiv, Ukraine.

The above list is a description of Valentin Znobas work. However, Valentin was a very peaceful man. He incorporated in his work the aspirations of his people for Peace with a constant reminder that Peace must be constantly strived and fought for.

USSR, 1973, Ostrovsky monument in Shepetovka

USSR, 1978, Ostrovsky monument in Shepetovka

USSR, 1983, Shevchenko monument in Dnepropetrovsk

USSR, 1983.07.06, Ostrovsky monument in Shepetovka

USSR, 1989.04.05, Shevchenko monument in Dnepropetrovsk


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