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Petrarch or Petrarca Francesco

Petrarch or Petrarca Francesco (1304–1374)

Italian poet and humanist, one of the great figures of Italian literature. He spent his youth in Tuscany and Avignon and at Bologna. He returned to Avignon in 1326, may have taken lesser ecclesiastic orders, and entered the service of Cardinal Colonna, traveling widely but finding time to write numerous lyrics, sonnets, and canzoni. At Avignon in... More...

Ajman, 1972, The Parnassus

Cambodge, 1983, Poets

Colombia, 2006, Petrarch

Czech Republic, 2004, Petrarca

DDR, 1981, Miniature from the book of Petrarca

Dodekanes, 1932, Francesco Petrarch

France, 1956, Petrarch

Italian colonies, 1932, Francesco Petrarch

Italy, 1932, Francesco Petrarch

Italy, 1974, Francesco Petrarch

Italy, 1974, Petrarch at work in his study

Italy, 2004, Francesco Petrarch

Moldova, 2007, Francesco Petrarch

Monaco, 2009, Francesco Petrarca

San-Marino, 2004, Francesco Petrarch

Vatican, 2004, Francesco Petrarch

France, 1956.11.10, Fontaine de Vaucluse. Petrarque

France, 2004.06.16, Fontaine de Vaucluse. Petrarch

Italy, 1974.07.19, Arezzo. Petrarch

Italy, 2004.03.18, Argua' Petrarca. Petrarch

San-Marino, 2004.08.20, San Marino. Francesco Petrarch


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