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Alfieri Vittorio

Alfieri Vittorio (1749–1803)

Italian tragic poet. A Piedmontese, born to wealth and social position, he spent his youth in dissipation and adventure. From 1767 to 1772 he traveled over much of Europe but returned to Italy fired by a sense of the greatness of his own country. He saw himself as a prophet called to revive the national spirit of Italy and chose tragic drama as... More...

Italian colonies, 1932, Vittorio Alfieri

Italy, 1932, Vittorio Alfieri

Italy, 1949, Vittorio Alfieri

Italy, 2003, Vittorio Alfieri

Italy, 2003.10.08, Asti Dante. Vittorio Alfieri

Italy, 2003.10.08, Florence. Vittorio Alfieri


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