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Ronsard Pierre de

Ronsard Pierre de (1524–1585)

French poet. As page, then squire, Ronsard seemed destined for a career at court both in France and abroad. However, deafness turned him to a more secluded and studious life at the Collège de Coqueret where he became leader of the Pléiade. Named poet royal, he wrote a great number of poems on many themes, especially patriotism, love, and... More...

France, 1924, Pierre de Ronsard

Monaco, 1974, Pierre de Ronsard

Wallis & Futuna, 1985, Pierre de Ronsard

France, 1964/1966, Loir-et-Cher. Land of Ronsard

France, 1979/1989, Montoire sur le Loir. Land of Ronsard

France, 1985.05.25, Tours. Ronsard, rose

France, 1985.07.08, Surgères. Sonnets pour Hélène

France, 2004, Montoire sur le Loir. Land of Ronsard

Wallis & Futuna, 1985.09.16, Sigave. Pierre de Ronsard

France, 2006, Pierre de Ronsard


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