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Dumas Alexandre, known as Dumas fils

Dumas Alexandre, known as Dumas fils(18241895)

French dramatist and novelist, illegitimate son of Dumas Père. He was the chief creator of the 19th-century comedy of manners. His first important play, La Dame aux camélias (1852, tr. 1856), known in English as Camille, was a sensation. It was based on a partly autobiographical novel of the same title, which he had published in 1848.... More...

Belgium, 1997, Clara Clairbert as Violetta in La Traviata

Brazil, 2006, Bidu Sayao as Violetta Valery

Czech Republic, 2010, Theatrical posters of Sarah Bernardt

Gambia, 2001, La Traviata, Aida

Haiti, 1935, Three Dumas

Haiti, 1935, Three Dumas

Haiti, 1935, Three Dumas

Haiti, 1961, Alexandre Dumas (father and son)

Haiti, 1961, The Lady of the camelias

Irland, 1991, La Traviata

Liechtenstein, 1981, Alexander Dumas the younger

Mozambique, 2012, Works of Alexandre Dumas

Nicaragua, 1975, Nelli Melba in La Traviata

San-Marino, 1989, Marguerite and Armand

San-Marino, 2001, Verdi and La Traviata


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