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Hardy Thomas

Hardy Thomas  (1840–1928)

English novelist and poet, b. near Dorchester, one of the great English writers of the 19th cent.The son of a stonemason, he derived a love of music from his father and a devotion to literature from his mother. Hardy could not afford to pursue a scholarly career as he wished and was apprenticed to John Hicks, a local church architect. He... More...

Great Britain, 1990, Thomas Hardy and Clyffe Clump, Dorset

Jersey, 1983, Thomas Hardy

Great Britain, 1968.07.07—20, Rochester. Thomas Hardy Festival

Great Britain, 1990.07.10, Dorchester. Thomas Hardy

Great Britain, 1990.07.10, Edinburgh. Thomas Hardy

Great Britain, 1990.07.10, Marnhull. Thomas Hardy


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