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Austen Jane

Austen Jane (17751817)

English novelist. The daughter of a clergyman, she spent the first 25 years of her life at Steventon, her fathers Hampshire vicarage. Here her first novels, Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, and Northanger Abbey, were written, although they were not published until much later. On her fathers retirement in 1801, the family moved to... More...

Antigua, 2000, Sense and Sensibility

Great Britain, 1975, Emma and Mr. Woodhouse

Great Britain, 1975, Catherine Morland

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Great Britain, 1975, Mery and Henry Crawford

Great Britain, 2013, Elizabeth Bennet and Portrait of Mr. Darcy

Great Britain, 2013, Elinor and Marianne Dashwood

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Great Britain, 2013, Emma Woodhouse and Mr.Knightley

Great Britain, 2013, Catherine Morland

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Guinea, 2008, Golden bear winners

Guinea, 2011, Jane Austen, Konstantin Batushkov

Great Britain, 1975.10.22, Edinburgh. Jane Austen

Great Britain, 1975.10.22, Steventon. Initials


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