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Borges Jorge Luis

Borges Jorge Luis (1899–1986)

Argentine poet, critic, and short-story writer, b. Buenos Aires. Borges has been widely hailed as the foremost contemporary Spanish-American writer. He was educated in Switzerland and afterward lived in Spain, where he became an exponent of ultraísmo, a poetic movement that followed the decline of modernismo after World War I. Ultraísmo... More...

Argentina, 1987, Jorge Luis Borges

Argentina, 1997, Jorge Luis Borges

Argentina, 1999, Jorge Luis Borges

Argentina, 2010, Peak of Literary Expression

Argentina, 2010, Jorge Luis Borges

German Federal Republic, 2010, Jorge Luis Borges

Nicaragua, 1995, Jorge Luis Borges

Portugal, 2000, Writers

German Federal Republic, 2010.08.12, Berlin. Jorge Luis Borges


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