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Karlfeldt Erik Axel

Karlfeldt Erik Axel(18641931)

Swedish lyric poet. His work is representative of neoromanticism in the 1890s. Themes of nature, love, and life in the province of Dalarna predominate in Songs of the Wilderness and of Love (1895), Fridolins Ballads (1898), and other collections. He was posthumously awarded the 1931 Nobel Prize in Literature, which he had refused in his lifetime. Selected poems were translated as Arcadia Borealis (1938).

Palau, 2001, Erik Axel Karlfeldt

Paraguay, 1977, Medal of Nobel prize of Literature

Sweden, 1964, Motif from Poem Elie Himmelsfard

Sweden, 1964, Motif from Poem Elie Himmelsfard

Sweden, 1994, Erik Axel Karlfeldt


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