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Neruda Pablo

Neruda Pablo (1904–1973)

Chilean poet, diplomat, and Communist leader. He changed his original name, Neftalí Ricardo Reyes Basualto, so that his railroad-worker father would not discover that he was a poet. Neruda’s highly personal poetry brought him enormous acclaim. After 1927 he was in consular service in East Asia, Argentina, Mexico, and Europe. A surrealist,... More...

Chili, 1991, Pablo Neruda

Chili, 1996, Pablo Neruda and Gabriella Mistral

Chili, 2004, Pablo Neruda

Cuba, 1989, Pablo Neruda

Czechoslovakia, 1974, Pablo Neruda

DDR, 1974, Pablo Neruda

Equatorial Guinea, 2004, Pablo Neruda

Guinea, 2008, Pablo Neruda

Hungary, 1974, Pablo Neruda

Nicaragua, 1986, Pablo Neruda

Nicaragua, 2005, Pablo Neruda

Palau, 2001, Pablo Neruda

Paraguay, 1977, Medal of Nobel prize of Literature

Paraguay, 2004, Pablo Neruda

Poland, 1974, Pablo Neruda

Vietnam, 1974, Pablo Neruda

Chili, 1991.10.20, Santiago. Pablo Neruda

Czechoslovakia, 1974.01.04, Prague. Neruda

Hungary, 1974.09.11, Budapest. Pablo Neruda

Poland, 1974.12.31, Warsaw. Pablo Neruda


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