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Solzhenitsyn (Солженицын) Aleksander Isayevich

Solzhenitsyn (Солженицын) Aleksander Isayevich  (1918—2008)

Russian writer, b. Kislovodsk. Solzhenitsyn grew up in Rostov-na-Donu, where he studied mathematics at Rostov State Univ. During World War II he served in the Red Army, rising to the rank of artillery captain, and was decorated for bravery. In 1945, while still serving on the German front, he was arrested for criticizing Stalin in letters to a... More...

Antigua, 1995, Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Comoren Islands, 1977, Nobel prize winners

Equatorial Guinea, 1974, Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Grenada, 1999, Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Guinea, 2009, Writers

Liberia, 2001, Aleksander Solzhenitsyn

Maldives, 1995, Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Paraguay, 1977, Medal of Nobel prize of Literature

Redonda, 1991, Alexander Solzhenitsyn

St. Vincent, 1995, Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Russia, 2008.12.11, Moskow. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Russia, 2008, Alexander Solzhenitsyn


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