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Sully-Prudhomme René François Armand

Sully-Prudhomme René François Armand(1839—1907)

French poet who was a leading member of the Parnassian movement, which sought to restore elegance, balance, and aesthetic standards to poetry, in reaction to the excesses of Romanticism. He was awarded the first Nobel Prize for Literature in 1901. Prudhomme studied science at school but was forced by an eye illness to renounce a scientific... More...

Comoren Islands, 1977, Nobel prize winners

France, 2007, Rene Sully-Prudhomme

Grenada, 2001, Rene Sully-Prudhomme

Guinea, 2008, Sully Prudhomme

Guinea, 2009, Writers

Guinea Bissau, 2009, Rene Sully-Prudhomme

Guyana, 1995, Rene Sully-Prudhomme

Paraguay, 1977, Nobel's Medal, Sully-Prudhomme

Paraguay, 1977, Medal of Nobel prize of Literature

Sweden, 1961, Nobel Prize Winners of 1901

Sweden, 1961, Nobel Prize Winners of 1901

Sweden, 1961, Nobel Prize Winners of 1901

Uruguay, 1976, First winners of Nobel prise

France, 2007.09.15, Paris. Sully Prudhomme


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